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Our friendly staff invites all customers–the new and returning–to come to Atlanta Luxury Motors Mall of Georgia and have a look at our vast inventory of quality used luxury motor vehicles. You are guaranteed to find a used luxury motor vehicle that suits all of your needs, no matter what they are.

Our inventory is stocked with used luxury motor vehicles of all types: sedans, crossover utility vehicles (CUV), sport utility vehicles (SUV), and trucks. The sedan is perfect for the driver who commutes frequently through the city and is looking for something compact and fuel efficient, while the SUV is suited for the individual looking for increased cargo space, and higher bucket seats that oftentimes offer third-row seating. Whatever type of used luxury motor vehicle you are looking for, Atlanta Luxury Motors Mall of Georgia has it.

The arguably most fundamental decision an automotive consumer can make is this: buy new or used? As you will see, the clear answer to this decision is to buy used.


On a budget? So are most, and at Atlanta Luxury Motors Mall of Georgia we embrace this. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get your bang for your buck. Through buying a used luxury motor vehicle, you are going to paying a slashed MSRP on what the same vehicle will cost new–not to mention that in many circumstances, the definition of “used” means a vehicle which has only been driven a few thousand miles, showing no signs of unusual wear or tear.

Lower monthly payments mean an overall smaller loan amount, should you choose to finance your next used luxury motor vehicle, leaving you an advantageous amount of wiggle room that will allow you extra money to have your vehicle professionally maintained, serviced, or even modified.


Anybody who has ever purchased a new vehicle and has driven it off the sales lot has undoubtedly experienced what is known in the automotive world as “depreciation”. Depreciation occurs the very moment when you purchase a new vehicle and drive off of the sales lot, hence signifying the moment that the new car loses its classification as a new car and becomes classified as “used”.


If your monthly loan payments were slashed by a small figure of $50–$12.50 per week–over a single year you will save $600. If the loan on your used luxury motor vehicle is a five-year loan–the most common auto loan length–you will save $3,000. If you were to put even half of that amount per year into your loan, you are likely going to knock your loan amount down by five or even 10%.

Also, by being ahead of schedule on your loan payments and term you are going to give your credit score a nice, healthy boost.


So what are you waiting for? Call or visit Atlanta Luxury Motors Mall of Georgia today to begin.

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